March Free Movie: Broken on All Sides

A movie about race, mass incarceration, and new visions for criminal justice in the U.S.

Broken on All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration & New Visions for Criminal Justice in the US

What: Free Movie and discussion
: Monday, March 21st, 7-9pm
Where: Sherrill Hall (St. Paul’s Church, side rear entrance). 39 E. Central Street, Natick MA (see map below)
What Else: Ample parking in lot next to building and on street parking.  Light refreshments.  Good company.

We are finally beginning to talk about the catastrophe of mass incarceration and our broken system of criminal “justice.”  The issue has even made it into the presidential campaign rhetoric.  It remains to be seen whether change is afoot or not.  We invite you to join us in watching and then discussing this very important and timely issue.

About the Movie

The project began as a way to explore, edu­cate about, and advocate change around the over­crowd­ing of the Philadelphia county jail sys­tem. The documentary has come to focus on mass incarceration across the nation and the intersection of race and poverty within criminal justice. […]

The documentary centers around the theory put for­ward by many, and most recently by Michelle Alexander (who appears in the movie), that mass incarceration has become “The New Jim Crow.” That is, since the rise of the drug war and the explosion of the prison population, and because discretion within the sys­tem allows for arrest and prosecution of people of color at alarmingly higher rates than whites, pris­ons and criminal penal­ties have become a new ver­sion of Jim Crow.

Much of the discrimination that was legal in the Jim Crow era is today illegal when applied to black people but perfectly legal when applied to “criminals.” The prob­lem is that through subjective choices, people of color have been tar­geted at significantly higher rates for stops, searches, arrests, prosecution, and harsher sentences. So, where does this leave criminal justice? Through inter­views with people on many sides of the criminal justice system, this documentary aims to answer questions and provoke questions on an issue walled-off from the public’s scrutiny.[Source]

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