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Action alerts for immediate action.

The Alternative Media and The Other Side of the Story: Follow up to our March Movie Event

On Monday, March 16th we gathered to watch the documentary film Shadows of Liberty a critique of the sorry state of our corporate media where a handful of mega corporations decide what is news and what isn’t. Their decision shape our public narrative, influence policy and distort our reality.

The movie ends with a discussion of the Internet as our last refuge from the mainstream media (AKA the LameStream Media).  It discusses the early days of the struggle for Net Neutrality– a battle that We the People have remarkably almost triumphed on.   I say “almost” because the story isn’t over. Yet.  The FCC has agreed to protect Net Neutrality and has declared the Internet as a Common Carrier that can’t be dominated by corporations.  That is a huge victory. But our Congress has still to vote on it, and their corporate benefactors are lobbying heavily to overturn the FCC’s recent determination.  So now would be a great time for YOU to lobby your congress men and women (House, Senate) so they know how important an open Internet is to YOU.

Some Groups Who Spearheaded the Fight for Net Neutrality

Save the Internet Coalitiion

Fight for the Future

Free Press

Demand Progress

Here is a great master list of organizations fighting for media fairness (and their opponents) from Bill Moyers.

And here’s a list of the major opponents of Net Neutality who have spent tons of corporate money to defeat it.

The Alternative Press

Here are some reliable places to get your news–the news that is too often blacked out by the mainstream media (in no particular order).  There are many more but this is a start:

Democracy Now


Nation of Change

The Huffington Post

The Nation

Mother Jones

Common Dreams

The Raw Story





Money Out of Politics: Support the PassMass Amendment for Constitutional Change

Return Our Democracy to the People Occupy Natick supports a ballot initiative for Massachusets to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to declare that ‘Corporations are not People, Money is not Speech’”..  We encourage you to get on board to help push this through.  There is lots of work to do to overcome the forces of the… Continue Reading

How You Can Stop the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

List of Actions from Barbara Clancy of Alliance for Democracy At our recent Film and Discussion night (2/17/14) Barbara Clancy was our speaker.  She offered suggestions about possible actions to take to stop the TPP and Fast Track.  She was kind enough to share her list to be published here. You can download this list… Continue Reading

February Free Film, Speaker (and ACTION) Night: Stop the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Gift to the 1% and Trans-National Corporations Remember NAFTA?  The TPP is NAFTA on Steroids!!! The Most Far-Reaching “Trade” Deal You’ve Never Heard of. Action Updates: What you can do to stop the TPP– What:  Speaker (Barbara Clancy of Alliance for Democracy),  Film Clips, Discussion about the impact of the TPP and what… Continue Reading

Stop the TPP- Trans Pacific Partnership

In a Nutshell From Thom Hartmann: Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison describes the TPP as the “largest corporate power grab you’ve never heard of.” Despite 19 rounds of negotiations that started all the way back in 2005, many of the details of the TPP still remain secret, even to members of Congress. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is… Continue Reading

Protest the Tar Sands Pipeline- DC

Feb 16 & 17- Tar Sands Pipeline protest in Washington DC Join several of us who are going from the metro west area. Buses leave Sat Feb 16th at 6am or 10pm, and return Sunday Feb 17th at 10pm (prob from Alewife, Cambridge, and JP) But if enough went from our area there would be… Continue Reading