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Category Archives: Big Money Corrupts

Working to support a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee. At its base, its a determination about who is a Person. According to this decision, Corporations are “persons” and are entitled to the same rights of free speech (AKA unlimited financial intervention into the election/political system.)

How You Can Stop the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

List of Actions from Barbara Clancy of Alliance for Democracy At our recent Film and Discussion night (2/17/14) Barbara Clancy was our speaker.  She offered suggestions about possible actions to take to stop the TPP and Fast Track.  She was kind enough to share her list to be published here. You can download this list… Continue Reading

February Free Film, Speaker (and ACTION) Night: Stop the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Gift to the 1% and Trans-National Corporations Remember NAFTA?  The TPP is NAFTA on Steroids!!! The Most Far-Reaching “Trade” Deal You’ve Never Heard of. Action Updates: What you can do to stop the TPP– What:  Speaker (Barbara Clancy of Alliance for Democracy),  Film Clips, Discussion about the impact of the TPP and what… Continue Reading

January Movie Event: End Corporate Personhood

So what will it be:  We the People? or We the Corporations? Monday, January 20th, 2014:  7-9  pm.  Sherrill Hall, 39 E. Central Street, Natick, MA National Group, Move to Amend, Seeks Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United We mark the fourth anniversary of the democracy-busting Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v.  Federal Election Commission… Continue Reading

Stop the TPP- Trans Pacific Partnership

In a Nutshell From Thom Hartmann: Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison describes the TPP as the “largest corporate power grab you’ve never heard of.” Despite 19 rounds of negotiations that started all the way back in 2005, many of the details of the TPP still remain secret, even to members of Congress. The Trans-Pacific Partnership is… Continue Reading

Video:Jeff Clements at “Slow Money” Convention- Overthrowing Citizens United

Connecting the dots between Big Money in Politics and everything else, he begins with a quote from Wendell Berry that foreshadowed the ominous development that Citizens United has become. This massive ascendancy of corporate power over democratic process is probably the most ominous development since the end of World War II, and for the most… Continue Reading

The Big Numbers Behind Big Money in Politics-Video

Lawrence Lessig’s TED Talk Explains With an increasingly small fraction of wealthy Americans buying and selling elections, power has never been more unequal in Washington, says Lawrence Lessig in a new TED Talk. And the problem goes way beyond the 1 percent.   Everybody seems to agree that there’s too much money in politics. According… Continue Reading

The Corporate Betrayal of America

The 1% Living the High Life Off the Backs of the 99% Multinational corporations have built their businesses on the backs of American taxpayers. They’ve depended on government research, national defense, the legal and educational systems, and our infrastructure. Yet they’ve turned around and mocked us with declining tax payments. They’ve cut workers. They’ve refused… Continue Reading

Citizens United is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Citizens United is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

“It’s been three years since the Supreme Court issued its outrageous decision in Citizens United vs. FEC, overturning the flimsy campaign finance protections afforded under McCain-Feingold law. The case opened the floodgates to billions of dollars perverting our elections, much of it completely unreported, and some amount even coming from foreign corporations and governments. The… Continue Reading

Is Democracy Doomed? New Report Shows Tectonic Shifts in Campaign Spending

Is Democracy Doomed? New Report Shows Tectonic Shifts in Campaign Spending

The U.S. Supreme Court was so determined to treat outside groups fairly in its 2010 Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC) decision that it put these groups on course to supplant the candidates themselves as the dominant voices in our elections. That is the finding of a newly released Public Citizen report, Outside Money… Continue Reading