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Working to support a Constitutional Amendment to repeal the 2010 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee. At its base, its a determination about who is a Person. According to this decision, Corporations are “persons” and are entitled to the same rights of free speech (AKA unlimited financial intervention into the election/political system.)

Move to Amend Wins Big at the Ballot Box: Americans Fed Up with Big Money and Undue Corporate Influence

Move to Amend Wins Big at the Ballot Box: Americans Fed Up with Big Money and Undue Corporate Influence

“From Massachusetts to Oregon, Colorado to Illinois and Wisconsin, and Ohio to California, citizens throughout the country voted overwhelmingly Tuesday for their legislators to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling and declare that only human beings – not corporations – are entitled to constitutional… Continue Reading

David Cobb’s Barnburner of a Talk

David Cobb’s Barnburner of a Talk

Occupy Natick was proud to co-sponsor this important presentation The event featuring a talk by David Cobb spearheaded by Move to Amend, Common Cause of Massachusetts, Citizens for a Democracy Amendment and Progressive Democrats of America (PDA).  All of these groups have worked tirelessly to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v FEC decision that… Continue Reading

Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United on November Election Ballot

The Very Future of Democracy is at Stake: Vote YES on Democracy Amendment Against Money as Speech and Corporate Personhood Occupy Natick has always been opposed to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee decision to give corporations the right to spend unlimited (and undisclosed) amounts of money to influence federal elections.  Since… Continue Reading

Occupy Natick Co-Sponsors David Cobb Presentation- How to Get Big Money Out of Elections

And Reclaim the Constitutional Rights of “We the People” Occupy Natick is proud to be co-sponsoring a presentation by David Cobb, nationally known spokesperson for Move to Amend! Please join local democracy activists at any of four local appearances including this one in Natick.  And it couldn’t more relevant than it is during this Big-Money-Laden… Continue Reading

Medway, MA Town Meeting Passes S 772 Corporate Personhood Resolution (Eldridge)

Article 49 on the Medway Town Meeting Warrant, a non-binding resolution in support of Senator Jamie Eldridge’s S772 legislation passed by a wide majority voice vote. CITIZENS ATTENDING THE ANNUAL MEETING  TOWN OF MEDWAY MAY 2012 CORPORATE PERSONHOOD RESOLUTION WHEREAS            in 2010 the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in Citizens United v. Federal… Continue Reading

Citizens United/Corporate Personhood Discussion: Thom Hartmann and Jeffrey Clements Videos

The 40-Year Path to Citizens United and Its Legacy on American Culture, Economy & Democracy Both Jeffrey D. Clements and Thom Hartmann have written excellent books on the Corporate takeover of free speech in America.:  Corporations Are Not People by Jeffrey D. Clements ( 2012) & Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became “People” – And How… Continue Reading

The Story of Citizens United

A Film Presentation of How Our Democracy Went Off the Tracks How did this all happen– this corporate takeover of America?  How did We the People lose control of our democracy?  This brief film, by the makers of “The Story of Stuff” (and other terrific topical films) clearly tells the story of what went wrong. … Continue Reading

Poll Shows 70% of Voters Want Super PACs Illegal

Is this our leverage for defeating Citizens United? A recent poll from the Washingon Post/ABC News show that most of the voting public (7 out of 10 voters) want Super PACs ruled illegal.  Disgusted by the obvious-to-all deluge of Big Money flooding the presidential primary election cycle, voters are saying “enough.”  They realize that the… Continue Reading