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Occupy Affiliate -Strike Debt- Aims at Abolishing Consumer Debt

The project is called Rolling Jubilee, and by raising money from other citizen activists to purchase debt on the secondary market, Rolling Jubilee has purchased millions of dollars in unpaid medical debt that is – or, was – owed by consumers.So far Rolling Jubilee has raised 578,795 U.S. dollars. With that they were able to purchase some 11.5 million dollars in medical debt owed on the secondary market by families. Continue Reading

The Big Numbers Behind Big Money in Politics-Video

Lawrence Lessig’s TED Talk Explains With an increasingly small fraction of wealthy Americans buying and selling elections, power has never been more unequal in Washington, says Lawrence Lessig in a new TED Talk. And the problem goes way beyond the 1 percent.   Everybody seems to agree that there’s too much money in politics. According… Continue Reading

The Corporate Betrayal of America

The 1% Living the High Life Off the Backs of the 99% Multinational corporations have built their businesses on the backs of American taxpayers. They’ve depended on government research, national defense, the legal and educational systems, and our infrastructure. Yet they’ve turned around and mocked us with declining tax payments. They’ve cut workers. They’ve refused… Continue Reading

Life or Debt: Strike Debt Medical Debt Video & Report

For-Profit Health Care is Root Cause of 62% of Bankrupting Debt Excerpt from Report: Death by For-Profit Health Care This report is part of an ongoing effort by a group of health care practitioners, lawyers, researchers, and activists to expose the disastrous impact of medical debt and for-profit health care on families and individuals in… Continue Reading

Occupy Natick’s Letter to the Editor: The Boston Globe

Boost for business underscores what Occupy battle is about Occupy Natick members submitted a letter to the editor commenting on the recent article prominently published in the Sunday Boston Globe. Here is the letter: THANK YOU for last Sunday’s front-page article “Tax lobbyists help businesses reap windfalls,” a highly informative piece outlining the abusive lobbying practices that are… Continue Reading

Occupy Movement Files Lawsuit Against Every Federal Regulator of Wall Street

Someone’s gotta do it. And Occupy the SEC is the one. “Occupy Wall Street has tossed aside its encampments and bullhorns and donned its legal garb and pro hac vices. Occupy Wall Street’s brain trust, Occupy the SEC, just filed a Federal lawsuit that encapsulates the crony capitalist state that passes today for democracy.  The… Continue Reading

January Movie Screening & Discussion: We’re Not Broke

January Movie Screening & Discussion: We’re Not Broke

The What Went Wrong Film Series is pleased to present the timely film, We’re Not Broke— a movie acclaimed by many film festivals.  We will meet on Monday, January 21, from 7-9pm for a film screening, discussion and possible speakers.  Come and join us. Synopsis: America is in the grip of a societal economic panic. … Continue Reading