3 Responses to Here’s What Income Inequality Does

  1. All the experiment proves is that the monkey likes grapes more than cucumber – that is not ‘inequality’ in the true sense of the word – while funny – by no means proves the ‘income inequality’ argument.

    • You might want to read more about the experiment. It is not about grapes. It’s about fairness and the built-in response to inequity.

      • I will but the whole ‘income inequality’ argument being had to day is bogus. And the current WH doesn’t practice what they preach. PEOPLE regardless of race, sex, religion etc should be judged on merit – period. No one should have an advantage over the other – period. As a woman I am actually offended that I should be given an advantage over a man – it is the best PERSON for the job. For instance standards for people in combat should be the same – regardless of sex – there were reasons those standards were set – not to exclude woman – but because those are standards a soldier would need to be successful on the battle field – same for police, fire etc.

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