February Free Film, Speaker (and ACTION) Night: Stop the TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Gift to the 1% and Trans-National Corporations

orange octopus with tentacles describing the impact of the TPP
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Tentacles into Every Area of Our Lives

Remember NAFTA?  The TPP is NAFTA on Steroids!!! The Most Far-Reaching “Trade” Deal You’ve Never Heard of.

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What:  Speaker (Barbara Clancy of Alliance for Democracy),  Film Clips, Discussion about the impact of the TPP and what it means to your life & ACTION

When:  Monday, February 17th from 7-9pm

Where: Sherrill Hall (St. Paul’s Church) 39 E. Central St., Natick, MA  (rear, side entrance off parking lot) See map below.

Admission:  FREE.  Parking available. Refreshments will be served.

After we show video clips that give an overview of the TPP, we will have a speaker who will then lead us in discussion. We are privileged to have Barbara Clancy with us for the evening.  She is very well versed about the TPP and its impact on our lives and our democracy. She is the national office coordinator for Alliance for Democracy. Founded in 1996, Alliance for Democracy works to limit the influence of multinational corporations on government at all levels, through campaigns on promoting community rights and abolishing corporate personhood. She is also an active member of Greater Boston Move to Amend. She lives in Stow.

NAFTA was frequently described as a “great sucking sound” of American jobs being offshored.  The TPP makes NAFTA look like child’s play.  Sold as a “trade” deal to benefit our economy and working Americans, the TPP actually has very little to do with trade, and is actually a gift to giant, multi-national corporations with tentacles reaching into every aspect of our lives.

Negotiated in secrecy, with no public input–even from Congress–by 600 corporate lobbyists, the TPP is corporate coup and an end run against the will of the people,

President Obama is trying to Fast Track it through Congress without any public input or scrutiny. What a change from his campaign promises in 2008!  The TPP is a violation of nearly all of his vows as a candidate.

“We will not negotiate bilateral trade agreements that stop the government from protecting the environment, food safety, or the health of its citizens; give greater rights to foreign investors than to U.S. investors; require the privatization of our vital public services; or prevent developing country governments from adopting humanitarian licensing policies to improve access to life-saving medications,”   –Candidate Obama

According to Public Citizen “A Fast-Tracked Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal would mean more offshored jobs, increased imports of unsafe food and products, and expanded power for corporations to gut the public safeguards we hold dear.”  It would also let corporations monitor our online activities, cut off our Internet access, delete content and impose fines.  Not to mention pose a challenge to American sovereignty, where large foreign corporations headquartered in the U.S. could sue the U.S. in international tribunals if U.S. laws place barriers to their future profits.  And it will be you and me and other taxpayers who pay the damages.

We must stop the TPP and its Fast Tracking through Congress.  Join us as we tackle this very critical issue.

It’s about corporate profits above everything else.

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