November Free Panel Night: Making Sausage-Our Legislative Process at Work

A Panel Evening with State Rep. David Linsky and Activists

sausage link with American flag“It profits a man little to see either his sausages or his laws being made”

—Benjamin Franklin

What do making laws and making sausage have in common? Both processes are ugly and messy.  Maybe even a bit disgusting.  Certainly, when it comes to law-making the process is more than a little frustrating.

So for our November “What Went Wrong” free movie night we will be departing from our usual movie and conversation model and instead will offer an expert panel conversation about how our laws are made and how they serve us and fail to serve us, We the People. We will be looking especially at how the legislative process–on the local state level–works and doesn’t work.

There are many examples where the public will favored one outcome and yet our “representatives” (who should be representing their constituents) in the sausage vat of the legislature managed not to do the will of the people.

We have invited three panelists to lead us through the question of why our laws so often fail to reflect the will of the people.

Our Panelists

State Representative David Linksky, MA Representative for Natick (and more).  Rep. Linsky will help us understand how the process is supposed to work and what goes on behind the scenes in the legislative process.

Our other two panelists bring with them a long history of legislative campaigns. Martin Dagoberto, Campaign Coordinator for Right to Know GMO. and Deirdre Cummings, Legislative Director for MASSPIRG (Bottle Bill). They will represent the perspectives of activist groups who have long struggled to get their laws on the books.  Their struggle can show in what ways the system works and how it is failing We the People.

We hope, through this panel discussion, to shed some light on how this happens.  What goes on behind the scenes in our state legislature that is failing us, and how can we best use the system we have to get the laws we people want and need.

What:  A free evening with expert panelists
When: Monday, November 17th, 2014, 7-9pm
Where: Common Street Church, 13 Common Street, Natick, MA
Who:  Rep. David Linsky, and 2 others Activists (TBA)
Why: Because an informed citizenry is an empowered citizenry
What Else: Light refreshments will be served.  Ample on-street parking available.  Bring your friends.

Download, Print & Post

We welcome your help in spreading the word and circulating the flyer for this event. You can download it here; Download


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