Press Coverage: Occupy Natick in Metrowest News

Occupy Natick continues to spread its message

When the Occupy movement began on Wall Street and spread to Boston, A. Richard Miller decided he wanted to learn more.

“The general concepts rang a bell,” said Miller, of Natick. “I thought we’d go down (to Boston) and see it … What we saw looked remarkably well-organized and remarkably controlled.”

Miller said he was struck by how diverse the movement was and supported it as a concept. The Occupy movement blossomed across the United States, including in MetroWest, where the Occupy Natick was born.

Since the group started about two years ago, supporters, who come from Natick and other towns in the region, backed a successful resolution at Natick Town Meeting calling for an end to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that the group says “allowed big and undisclosed monied interests to drown out the voices of ordinary citizens in our electoral process.”

Supporters of the Citizens United ruling, which lifted many restrictions on corporate spending on political campaigns, have said it upholds the guarantee of free speech in the First Amendment, the Associated Press has reported.

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