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From Thom Hartmann:

Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison describes the TPP as the “largest corporate power grab you’ve never heard of.” Despite 19 rounds of negotiations that started all the way back in 2005, many of the details of the TPP still remain secret, even to members of Congress.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a massive trade agreement among 12 nations, including the US. And it’s being negotiated by government trade officials and corporate lobbyists. Representative Alan Grayson said that the TPP is “a punch in the face to the middle class of America,” and added, “but I’m not even allowed to tell you why.” The deal would give multinational corporations the right to challenge our laws and regulations if firms believe those laws limit their “expected future profits.”

Not only would this trade agreement threaten American jobs, but it could seriously harm our national sovereignty. Regulations that protect workers, set environmental standards, or limit risk for consumers could be challenged if corporate greed isn’t allowed to reign supreme. Despite all of these dangerous possibilities, Americans are being kept in the dark about the TPP, and trade negotiators don’t even want Congress weighing in. They’re demanding so-called “fast track” authority, which would block any changes to the law, and only allow our elected leaders an “up or down” vote.

Unions, consumer protection groups, environmental activists, and even members of Congress are calling for changes to the law, or a flat-out rejection of the entire deal. For the sake of our nation, these groups are working to inform more Americans, and fighting to stop the TPP while we still have a chance.

Petitions and ACTION you can TAKE!!!

The Trans Pacific Partnership is our worst nightmare. It will affect everything from GMOs and labeling, food safety, environmental issues, public health, jobs, the Internet and much more and will give nearly unlimited power to the big corporations.

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Call Leader Pelosi Today: tell her to speak out against Fast Track Trade Authority

Before Monsanto uncorks the champagne (773,074 sigs let’s get to 1 million!)

To governments worldwide: Promise to protect our democracies from corporate lawsuits, and stop the secret TPP and TTIP trade pacts.

Stop the Secret Trade Deal: the Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids!


Seven New petitions added December 2, 2013

U.S. President Obama: Make TPP Negotiations Transparent & with Full Citizen Participation!

Tell our leaders: Don’t sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Say no to corporate power grabs – reject the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Stop the EU-US free trade agreement

Don’t sell out New Zealand’s democracy. To all the governments negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.

L.A. Times: Cover the TPP

Denver Post: Meet Obligation, Cover TPP

One Million to Stop the Corporate Death Star (719,001 signatures!)

Urge Congress Not to Fast Track the TPP

Tell Congress: Don’t Fast-Track this Disastrous Trade Agreement

Write and Hold Your Representative Accountable! Is Your Representative Is One of Few Democrats Who Wouldn’t Say “No” to Fast Track

Call and Ask Your Representative Today to Oppose Fast Track Trade Authority

Call Your Representative Today and Demand a Commitment to Oppose Fast Track Trade Authority:

No to Fast Track and Secrecy on the TPP!

Urge Congress Not to Fast Track the TPP

Tell Congress: Don’t fast-track the Trans-Pacific trade deal!

Oppose Fast Track Trade Authority

Do Not “Fast Track” the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Congress: Don’t renew “fast track” authority

Demand Details and Oppose TPP Fast Track

Tell Congress: Say NO to “NAFTA on steroids” Say NO to fast-track trade authority:

Congress Must Reject Fast Track Trade Authority

Do Not “Fast Track” the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)

Stop The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – No Fast Track

Urge Your Representative to Sign On to a Letter Opposing Fast Track Trade Authority

Protect people’s health, oppose the Fast Track maneuver for the TPP

Find out if your representative is against Fast Track here:



If they are, please thank them:

If they are not, please “spank” them:

Send a Letter to the Editor Demanding Coverage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Tell USTR Stan McCoy To Stop Trading Away Lives For Profits In The TPP

URGENT: documents reveal that Trans-Pacific Partnership contains extreme SOPA-like Internet Censorship Plan

Don’t Let Them Trade Away Our Internet Freedoms: Speak Out Against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement!

Keep the Trans-Pacific Partnership from changing our copyright laws

Tell U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman to Stop Attacking Access to Lifesaving Medicines

The Trans-Pacific Partnership would impose SOPA-style Internet censorship worldwide — but we can stop it.

TPP is a mistake – mutual gain means regulated trade, not hands-off corporate access

Tell Congress: Stand Up for American Jobs and Freedom

We still have time to kill the Trans-Pacific Partnership!

WE THE PEOPLE Demand Transparency and Full Participation in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Negotiations!

Tell Your Congressperson and Governor to Oppose NAFTA of the Pacific

Urge Congress and Obama to Negotiate a New Trade Model that Delivers on Fair Trade Pledges

Tell President Obama We Need Transparency for the TPP

Stop the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA): The Corporate Attack on Our Environmental and Consumer Safeguards

Tell President Obama and U.S. Trade Rep. Michael Froman: Trade Agreements Shouldn’t Be Secret! TPP

The Public Deserves to See What’s in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)

Tell the White House to Ensure Openness in the TPP’s IP Chapter

Help Make Senators Aware of Trans-Pacific Partnership Secrecy – Request a Copy of the TPP Draft Text From Your Senators

Call Your Representative Today and Request the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Draft Texts
Request the TPP Draft Texts and Make Your Representative Realize Congress Is Also Being Kept in the Dark

Release TPP text to the Public

We Stopped SOPA — Let’s Stop the TPP:

No Back Room Deals for the 1%

Senate: Help end secrecy of Trans-Pacific Partnership – TPP

Stop the Secret Trade Deals: the Monsanto Protection Act on Steroids!

Trade Deal Worse Than NAFTA

Oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP: Terrible Plutocratic Plan – Trans-Pacific Partnership – Tell your representative, senators and the president to oppose!

If you are not from the U.S. go here:

Urge Congress to Stop Obama’s Secret Trade Deals

Tell President Obama to Make Trade Fair

Tell Congress to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership TPP

Stop Secret Copyright Treaties

Say No to Internet Censorship

You could have to pay a fine for simply clicking on the wrong link. TPP

Monsanto Using Back-Door Trade Deal to Force GMOs into EU – To: President Obama and U.S. Trade Representative Froman – TPP

Stop Monsanto’s Trojan Horse – To EU and US negotiators of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership TTIP:


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