April Free Speaker Night: We’ve Got the Power! with Terra Friedrichs

An Evening of Local Empowerment

Monday, April 20th- 7-9pm  in Natick, MA

Terra Friedrichs, Legislative Activist & Organizer
Terra Friedrichs, Legislative Activist & Organizer

On Monday, April 20th, we are pleased to present an evening of local empowerment with Terra Friedrichs, socially-conscious Business Consultant, Legislative Activist, Organizer and Citizen who is very knowledgable about using local, municipal rights for all they’re worth. Terra was part of our panel on Climate Change and the information she provided was so exciting that we have invited her for a more extensive presentation.

When: Monday, April 20th, 7-9pm
What: An illuminating presentation by Terra Friedrichs
Where: Sherrill Hall (side/rear entrance, St. Paul’s Church), 39 E. Central Street, Natick, MA (see map below)
What Else: Light refreshments will be served.  Plenty of parking in adjacent lot and on-street.

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The Power of “Municipal Rights”.  Let’s Learn to Use It!

Whether it’s a pipeline, a power plant, or simply a living wage, the myth that towns are at the mercy of Big Corporations and Big Government is simply not true.  We can’t sit around waiting for our dysfunctional, gridlocked Federal Government to make things happen.  We’ve already got the power.  Right here at the local level. We just need to learn how to use it.

In the United States, some states constitutionally or legislatively…are called “home rule states.” Local governments in home rule states are free to pass laws and ordinances as they see fit to further their operations, within the bounds of the state and federal constitutions.Wikipedia

For us to ensure government is working for “the people”, we need to know HOW government actually works.

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How Local Law Can Protect a Community Using Old-Fashioned Common Sense

We need to understand how government protects property owners/corporate interests if towns/cities “do nothing”, and how towns and cities are protecting their citizens using “municipal rights.”

Massachusetts, in particular, is a “Home Rule” state which gives towns liberal power to protect its citizens, from environmental destruction, corporate social injustice and other negative impacts.

It’s critical for activists of all types of understand how local law can achieve major change.

Municipal Rights? Why Should We Care?

Using municipal law:

  • We can prohibit destructive land uses (e.g. a power plant in your neighborhood, fracking, etc.
  • We can insist that “business operating permits” require certain business practices by businesses, such as a minimum wage.
  • We can place taxes on certain activities which can fund other activities.. For example, a “land transfer tax” can fund the buying of conservation land and/or land for affordable housing development.
  • In many cases, we can insist that certain housing types be built, or developers must pay into an affordable housing fund.

We are at the beginning stages of using municipal law to protect ourselves. The courts are agreeing with towns at an amazing rate, and it’s up to us to learn what is going on and pass the word on to local officials and citizens who can make this change happen.

One Town’s Change Creates a Domino Effect

Often if one town makes the change, it breaks ground for all towns to adopt law quickly.
Often if one town makes the change, it breaks ground for all towns to adopt law quickly. Major revolutions in water protection, for example, spread like wildfire after the first towns adopted more stringent protection than afforded by Federal law. Come hear other examples of how towns are using local law to protect its citizens.

Here is a preview of Terra’s presentation.

Terra Friedrichs is formerly an elected official (Selectman, Acton) and is currently a small business owner and concerned citizen. She is co-founder of the PassMass Amendment*. She speaks around the state on these matters, sharing what she has learned with public officials and other concerned citizens.

*The PassMass Amendment is a statewide ballot initiative to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, based on “Corporations Are Not People, Money Is Not Speech”


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