Exposing Corporate Greed: One Movie at a Time

Metrowest Boston’s 99%

We are Metrowest Boston citizens inspired by the original Occupy Wall Street movement. We host a free monthly film series called the “What Went Wrong Film Series“: Movies that Open Your Eyes. The movies we show range in topics but share the underlying theme of exposing how corporate greed, the quest for profit over people and the cozy relationship between our elected officials and their corporate benefactors impact every area of our lives and our democracy..

Our meetings are open to all.  Contact us for more information about joining us.


The Occupy Movement in Natick, MA
The Occupy Movement in Natick, MA



April Free Speaker Event: We’ve Got the Power!

We've Got the Power!

An Evening of Local Empowerment with Terra Friedrichs:  Monday, April 20th, 7-9pm  in Natick, MA

Terra Friederichs is a dymanic speaker and teacher who is well-versed in the power we already have at a local level. Whether it’s a pipeline, a power plant, or simply a living wage, the myth that towns are at the mercy of Big Corporations and Big Government is simply not true.  We can’t sit around waiting for our dysfunctional, gridlocked Federal Government to make things happen.  We’ve already got the power.  Right here at the local level. We just need to learn how to use it.   Read More>>

May Free Movie Night: Cowspiracy: A Conspiracy of Silence

Monday, May 20th, 7-9pm, Natick, MA

Cowspiracy: The Movie

Greenhouse gases from livestock commoditization are a major unsung and covered up cause of Global Warming. It stems from the insatiable human appetites for meat, profit and dominion over Nature.  And almost no one is talking about it.Silence about the Meat-Industrial Complex is fueling our ignorance and denial.   Besides the almost unfathomable pain and suffering that is inflicted upon these “animal-commodities” there is the disastrous impact on our environment. Read More>>

General Assembly Meetings

Occupy Natick meets as a group on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month. We meet from 2-4pm at Gale House, next door to St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 39 E. Central Street in Natick.  All are welcome.